Most garden enthusiasts find growing creeping phlox seeds a big, yet fascinating challenge. The creeping phlox, or scientifically called Phlox stonolifera, is a perennial herb that thrives along the rocky mountains of Pennsylvania. They usually grow on rocky or sandy environment, and requires minimal amount of water. Nowadays, you would see a lot of them in the city, not as a wild plant as you would expect it to be, but as a good ground cover for garden landscapes in your home. I myself, have this cute plant in my garden, and having them there practically gave me my own beautiful meadow full of pink and white tiny flowers in the middle of the city.

Where To Find the Seeds

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Because of its high marketability as a furniture plant, the seeds of the phlox are typically propagated and sold on garden centers. Some shops however, offers either semi-established seeds or the plant itself. Most seeds are those that are unique varieties and are known as annual varieties for they usually grow seasonally.

Selecting the Seeds

The seeds of the phlox would usually take a long time to spurt. In fact, it normally grows during spring time only. If you want to grow some creeping phlox, the first thing you should consider is the variety of the plant. Remember that there are three colors of flowers for this plant; the emerald blue, pink, and the white one. You would want to make sure of your selection before planting; growing and maintaining it is definitely time consuming.

Planting the Seeds

Now that you have made your choice, the next step is to plant them. In separate cans, dig small holes into the soil about one inch deep. Make sure that when you pour the seeds in, they are well separated from each other so they will not compete for nutrition. This will be the beginning of the seed’s journey to life.

Garden Maintenance

creepingphloxWhen they were in the wild, grew on sandy soil and Rocky Mountains. This gave me the idea that they are strong enough to live long and that they are independent enough to drown them with water. Make sure that you just give them the right amount of water to sustain their energy. Don’t worry; it’s the safest step you could take as you care for the plant. Remember that they shouldn’t be planted too deep beyond 1 inch; else they will suffocate, will not be able to grow, and eventually die.

Preparing your own garden is actually an enjoyable thing to do. It gives you the satisfaction seeing you were able to make your home more beautiful. Moreover, looking at your garden definitely makes you feel so much better. Planting something as beautiful yet challenging as the seeds gives you a sense of accomplishment, allowing you the savor of being able to do something successfully as your watch these plants grow.